Autovip 1400 (CT02) and Autovip 1700 (CT03)

This automotive lift is the best on the market, because it attaches to all 4 hubs. The vehicle is loaded in much the same way as it is when it´s on the road. It is perfect for structural welding on delicate shells. AUTOvip can also attach to bumper mounts, for use on axle-less shells. It takes about 15 minutes to build and attach to the car and breaks down well for easy storage. Although the AUTOvip is completely unpowered the geometry on to main arcs means gravity is on your side when you start to turn the car over. Only really heavy classic cars would need two people to turn the car. This auto lift need a drive at least 2,6 meter wide to allow space for rolling..


MaxWeight: Hobby 3087 lb (1400 kg)
Professional: 3748 lb (1700 kg)

The design of the AUTOVIP ROLLER means that a vehicle can be mounted and tilted by A SINGLE PERSON, using only a hydraulic jack on the jacking beam supplied with the kit. A brilliant and patented invention developed by a Danish engineer under the auspices of the Danish Institute of Technology, The AUTOVIP ROLLER offers great advantages:

Greatly improved working position

Unrestricted access to the underbody

No standing under the vehicle

No dirt in face and eyes while cleaning or rustproofing

Reduced risk of welding burns

Work in far better light

This gives the mechanic, the car enthusiast and the DIY motorist the opportunity to:

Rustproof the underside.

Do steel plate work

Control/weld/repair mechanical parts such as suspension, shock absorbers, brake pipes, etc.

Change or repair exhaust systems

Mounting :

Jack up the car, remove all wheels and attach the AUTOvip frame to each hub with the universal adapters.  

As the car's centre of gravity is over the curvel section of the roller, only the slightest lift will set it rolling. For most cars, you'll be able to do this alone.  

The stay bar is ratcheted, wich allows fine angel adjustment.